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At The Manic Maker Freeze dried Candy Coffee & Gifts we transform candy with our innovative approach to freeze-drying. We never rush the process.  We're not just a candy shop.  We make all our freeze dried treats on site. in a licensed commercial kitchen.  Our production is all done in, by certified food handlers.  We do not purchase pre-made Freeze dried candy. 

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Our original product and still our bestsellers

Large Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

How Our Munchies Are Made

Explore the process of how each and every one of our munchies are made.

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Freeze Dried Gummy Mix

Manic Munchie Ingredients

Learn more about our full list of ingredients for each set of munchies you can purchase.

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Candy with an upgrade!

About Us

We are Jon & Dana. We live in Beautiful Fort Erie, Ontario. Together we are "The Manic Maker".

Welcome to The Manic Maker, where we've mastered the art of freezing moments of joy! Imagine a candy store where Willy Wonka meets Elsa from Frozen, add a dash of coffee's caffeinated charm, and sprinkle it with a pinch of quirky gifts – that's us!

At The Manic Maker candy isn't just sweet, it's freeze-dried to preserve its flavor and crunchiness for eternity (or at least until you devour it). From classic gummy bears to exotic fruit slices, each bite bursts with a symphony of flavors that'll make your taste buds dance the cha-cha!

But wait, there's more! Need a pick-me-up? Our coffee selection will turn your sleepy yawns into caffeinated cheers. Whether you prefer a velvety latte, a bold espresso, or a comforting cup of cocoa, Nitro Cold Brew or our lighly caffinated fruit juice Refreshers. We've got your caffeine fix covered.

We offer a full cafe with all the hot and cold premium beverages. We hand curate the best Niagara Region has to offer. Official wholesalers for Homestead Donuts and The Bagel Oven bagels, We've curated a huge selection of cheese cakes & sweet slices for you to enjoy.

So whether you're craving a sugary adventure, a caffeine-infused journey, or a whimsical escape, come chill with us in our cozy little café in the heart of Fort Erie's beautiful Bridgeburg District. Grab a brew & a snack enjoy our seasonal patio or take a walk down to the Niagara Parkway & the Niagara River. Much love.

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Fundraiser for Ronald Mcdonald House Childrens Charities South Central Ontario $10.00

Fund raiser | Froggee magnets set of 3 handmade | RMHCSCO

Since we lost Tanner in 2017, just before he turned 21 after a long battle with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, I’ve wanted to give back for all the generosity my family received from Ronald McDonald House Children's Charities South Central Ontario.  I am so excited to offer “Froggee's for Tanner" (set of 3 magnets) in Tanner’s honor. “Froggee” Was Tanners best friend.  We found him in the hospital gift shop the day Tanner was born. Together they faced every day, every hospital stay, every procedure and surgery. every minute of his life. Froggee's for Tanner is a set of 3 hand poured Froggee magnets, their faces are hand painted and they are poured in small batches. Dimensions: 3cm by 2.3cm The Manic Maker provides the magnets all the labor and the packaging. 100% of All proceeds from their sale goes to provide special dinners  for the families staying with RMHCCSCO. We are so grateful to all our incredible customers who have purchased our Froggees for Tanner. We have been able to offer 2 special dinners so far totaling $1000.00 We look forward to our new goal of Sponsoring a family for a whole week. This is a very special cause not only to our family but many others.

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