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Jon & Dana We are The Manic Maker Freeze Dried Munchies 

At The Manic Maker Freeze dried Munchies we transform candy with our innovative approach to freeze-drying. We never rush the process.  We're not just a candy store.  We make all our freeze dried treats in our shop, which is a licensed commercial kitchen.  Our production is all done in house, by certified food handlers.  We do not purchase pre-made Freeze dried candy.  

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Freeze dried Gummy Octopus

What We Do

We're one of the pioneers in the world of freeze-dried candy in Canada. There are only a handful of Freeze-dried candy makers today.  Our process retains the authentic flavors, vibrant colors, and playful textures of classic confections while adding a surprising crunch. We stock over 270 items in our shop & The Manic Maker Freeze Dried Munchies is the only Freeze dried candy bricks & mortar shop in Niagara Region.   

From nostalgic childhood favorites to bold and exotic flavors, We have a huge selection of both. Over 270 items and adding more all the time.

Quality is our promise. We source the best ingredients.  Quality control is huge,  we want you to be thrilled with your choice, and come back to try them all. 

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There is something for everyone:  Whether you're a candy connoisseur, a parent planning a special treat for your family, or a lover of gourmet goodies, we have something for you.

Step inside The Manic Maker Freeze Dried Munchies and embark on a whimsical journey through the world of freeze-dried confections. Immerse yourself in the magic of candy that crunches & flavors that astonish.

Visit us at The Manic Maker Freeze Dried Munchies, 26 Jarvis Street, Fort Erie, Ontario L2A2S1.

Experience the magic of freeze-dried candy. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram TikTok & Pinterest for sweet updates and behind-the-scenes fun.

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