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Freeze Dried Mallow Peach

Freeze Dried Mallow Peach

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Freeze Dried Peach Mallow candy 

Freeze-Dried marshmallows are a delightful and crunchy variation of the classic soft and fluffy marshmallow. These Peach marshmallows undergo a unique preservation process called freeze-drying, which removes moisture & oxygen while preserving their shape, color, and flavor. 

Texture: Freeze-Dried marshmallows have a distinctive crispy and airy texture that contrasts sharply with the soft and pillowy feel of traditional marshmallows. They are lightweight and brittle, often shattering when bitten into or crumbled easily in the mouth.

Appearance: The freeze-drying process maintains the vibrant colors and fun shapes of the original marshmallows. Whether they are miniature marshmallows, marshmallow bits, or larger marshmallow shapes like stars or hearts, freeze-dried versions keep their characteristic hues and designs. However, they may appear slightly puffed or textured compared to their original glossy surface.

Flavor: The flavors of freeze-dried banana mallows remain true to the original mallows That classic strawberry mallow flavor just concentrated they come out crunchy and fantastic.

Shelf Life: Freeze-dried marshmallows have a significantly extended shelf life compared to regular marshmallows. The removal of moisture helps prevent spoilage, making them suitable for long-term storage without sacrificing their taste or quality.

Versatility: Freeze-dried marshmallows can be enjoyed in various ways. They make a delightful and crispy snack on their own, providing a unique marshmallow experience. Additionally, they are often used as toppings for hot cocoa, cereal, ice cream, or yogurt, adding a playful crunch and sweetness to these treats. Freeze-dried marshmallows are also a popular ingredient in homemade trail mixes, desserts, and baked goods.

Allergen Information: It's essential to note that freeze-dried marshmallows, like regular marshmallows, may contain ingredients such as gelatin (which can be derived from animal or plant sources), making them unsuitable for some vegetarians and vegans. Individuals with allergies or dietary restrictions should carefully check the ingredient list for any potential allergens.

Freeze-dried marshmallows offer a unique and crunchy twist on the classic confection. Their crispy texture, preserved colors, and sweet flavor make them a fun and versatile ingredient in a variety of snacks and desserts. Whether you enjoy them as a snack or use them to enhance your favorite treats, freeze-dried marshmallows provide a delightful and unexpected marshmallow experience.

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